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Grown With Care

Our products are continuously researched, tested, and prepared using the best methods, so you can rest assured the products you’re eating are of the highest quality.

Pepper Recipe

Lentil Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers

This mini sweet pepper recipe is the perfect appetizer for any crowd. Filled with cream cheese, lentils and herbs that bring out the sweetness of the peppers – it won’t disappoint!


Our Greenhouse

Our locations range from Canada to Carolina, and are built with product in mind. High tech facilities using cutting edge methods to maximize efficiency and keep produce fresh until it reaches your table.


Fresh, Flavorful & Sustainable

From our family to yours, thanks for letting us share your table. For 75 years, Lakeside has focused on delivering fresh, flavorful produce to families across North America. We’re passionate about great quality greens, supported by our commitment to service excellence, food safety, quality assurance, consistency and sustainability.