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From Our Family To Yours


75 Years of Fresh, Flavorful Produce

What started as a small family farm in Leamington, ON in 1943 has grown into an international produce supplier spanning four family generations and bringing fresh, flavorful produce to families across North America.

We’re passionate about great quality greens, supported by our commitment to service excellence, food safety, quality assurance, consistency, and sustainability.

75 Years of Fresh

We are always pushing boundaries, taking on challenges, and striving to revolutionize the produce industry. Our promise is to deliver the best in everything we do.

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Committed to
Sustainable Farming

We don’t just grow our products in our community, we’ve lived here for nearly a century. That’s why we take our impact on the environment seriously. Our recycled water saves nearly 78,000,000 liters of water per year. Our CO2 output has decreased 20,000 tons in just one year alone. Our Cogeneration facility creates enough energy to power 7,800 homes.

We’re committed to minimizing our impact on the planet and creating a sustainable future for the next generation.

Our History


Antonio Cervini and his family move from Ripi, Italy to Leamington, ON and establish Lakeside Produce. While looking for work, they gravitate to doing what they know best, farming.


Anthony’s son, John, takes the lead in managing all operations.


Anthony Cervini joins John in managing operations.


John and Chris Cervini join the family business, scaling up the greenhouse side of the organization.


Chris Cervini takes on sole ownership of family business with a focus on preparing the organization for the next generation.


Launch of greenhouse grown Heirloom program, expanding the ability to grow these authentic and rustic heirlooms on a large scale.


The 4th greenhouse, known as Cervini 4, is purchased and allows for company growth. This is a key purchase for Lakeside, as it allows for the ability to grow more varieties of produce as well as supply jobs.


An 80,000 square ft expansion of value-added packing room is built in Leamington. This allows for the ability to keep up with growing consumer demand.


A massive expansion of the organic program is increased by 300%. The appeal for organics has grown tremendously, as consumer demand grows stronger for organic products.


The first winter production of 3 acre lit greenhouse is constructed in Leamington. This production allows the growth of plants to run 24/7, outputting more product to fill the shelves in grocery stores.


Lakeside begins operating on totally island mode by installing a 2-megawatt Cogeneration unit. This unit can create enough energy to power 7,800 homes.


Leamington adds a 25-acre expansion of cutting-edge greenhouse and packhouse, built with efficiency and sustainability in mind.


Lakeside Produce celebrates 75 years of operations!


Texas warehouse facility is built, then expanded for a total of 57,000 square ft.


The Texas warehouse streamlines shipments in the US, creating a central hub for the ability to get product from the vine to the grocery shelves even faster. This facility employs over 45 people.


Lakeside’s internal R&D zone becomes operational. Internal testing allows us the ability to test new varieties, assess flavor profiles, and measure growing methods, production yields and performance.


Lakeside breaks ground on 16 of the 45 acre site in North Carolina. The growth allows for higher production with state-of-the-art technology, and add jobs in Mills River, NC.


Lakeside launches a fresh new look & logo focused on expanding consumer reach and growing our audience.


The 5th Cervini farm expands, and phase 2 becomes operational.


The Texas facility is expanded by 26,000 square ft.


The North Carolina facility is officially completed and operational, growing varieties such as roma tomatoes, bell peppers, and more.


The 5th Cervini farm finalizes installation of light conversion, allowing for more efficient growing.

From our family to yours.