Organic English Cucumber

Giving the phrase “cool as a cucumber” a whole new meaning, these crisp and crunch cukes contain an array of B vitamins known for reducing stress and anxiety.  Their fresh flavor is perfect for slicing and dicing into summer salads and getting creative with soups and sandwiches.  On a hot summer day- or even a cool autumn evening – add a twist to a pitcher of water to truly unlock the power of this veggie!


The English cucumber is long and slim with a thin skin, surrounding the inner cucumber and its seeds. The seeds are so small that they cannot be tasted. The cucumber is perfectly suited for greenhouse growing, as it is parthenocarpic, which can develop fruit without fertilization.


High in antioxidants, low in calories, the cucumber is loaded with health benefits. They’re comprised of 96% water so they’re great at keeping you hydrated. The cucumber peel provides Vitamin A and dietary fiber, which aids in digestion. They are also known to have anti-inflammatory benefits and even soothe and soften skin.


The cool and crisp taste of a cucumber leaves a satisfying crunch. Cucumbers hold one of the most refreshing tastes that can elevate your lunch time snack, or create a cucumber mint mojito ready for cocktail hour.