Authentic Italian tomato

San Marzzano

The San Marzzano is a plum type tomato that crows in clusters and is ideal for canning, pastes, or purees. They resemble a roma tomato, but are thinner and pointed at the end. They are Italy’s top choice for canning or pastes and are held in high regard among top chefs and cooks.


The characteristics of a San Marzano include a clustered vine of long and pointed tomatoes that are great for canning and purees. The walls of the tomato are thick and it has a low seed count.


The San Marzano has a higher salt and sugar content than a typical tomato, yet holds a higher Vitamin C and Vitamin A content and dietary fiber.


A strong, sweeter taste are the main flavors in the San Marzano, it utilizes a less acidic flavor to keep overtime by canning and pureeing.