Italian Frying Peppers

Sweet Long Peppers

Also called Italian Frying Peppers, these peppers are great to cook with due to gaining a smoky-sweet flavor when cooked. They’re harvested when the pod is fully mature and at its sweetest point. They feature a glossy exterior and small seeds inside, and can range from salsas, snacks, and dips. Stuffed peppers are a traditional Italian dish passed down between generations.


Our sweet long peppers are best suited for raw and cooked consumption, like used as a dipper for dips, a base in soups, or mixed into chili.


Like its relatives the sweet mini and bell peppers, the red long sweet pepper offers lots of nutrients for low calories. These peppers are packed with vitamin A and are known to decrease inflammation.


They can be stuffed with ingredients such as lentils, mushrooms, eggplant etc. They are also traditionally used to stuff leftovers inside, to reduce food waste and used as an appetizer.