Committed To Sustainable Farming

Grown with care

We Don’t Just Grow Here, We Live Here

We don’t just grow our products in our community, we’ve lived here for nearly a century. That’s why we take our impact on our environment seriously. In 2018 alone, Lakeside lowered its CO2 emissions by more than 20,000 tons – that’s like using 2,300,000 less gallons of gasoline!

Sustainable Practices

We’re serious about sustainability. Every year we create goals to further improve ourselves, and this planet we call home.

Natural Pollination Using Bees

Lakeside believes in pollinating our crops using natural methods. That’s why we use bees in our greenhouses. This has a number of advantages: not only are bumblebees quick workers, but they can improve the quality and yield of crops!

Water Recycling

Water is a precious commodity when growing fresh produce, which is why we collect the runoff water from our crops. It’s passed through a rigorous re-purifying process and fed nutrients so that it can be recycled for use in future crops.

Self-Generated Power

Lakeside’s main facility generates its own electricity through the use of a cogeneration power station. Not only is our energy created via natural gas, but the heat runoff is pumped back into our facilities to reduce wastage.

Sustainability Goals

Our Sustainability Goals

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Reduce our carbon emissions by 3% in our local fleets by 2030

C02 Utilization

Reduce natural gas usage by 30,000GJ by 2030

Use Recycled Materials

Increase utilization of recycled materials in our packaging by 5% by 2030

BOPP Labels Utilization

Increase utilization of BOPP labels by 15% in all of our packaging by 2026

Create Pollinator Gardens

Add 1 acre per year of pollinator gardens by 2030

Increase Cardboard Recycling

Increase cardboard waste recycling by 5% by 2030

Reduce Produce Waste

Maximize utilization of products by 5% by 2025